Permaculture and Keyline Design

The heart of our mission is to provide holistic site planning and design services for landscapes of all sizes.  We work with clients to help clearly articulate their goals and intentions while providing a thorough ecological assessment of the landscapes they inhabit and then work to create functional, simple, elegant and beautiful solutions that integrate the two.  Our specialties include...

Edible Landscape Design

We offer cutting-edge backyard edible landscape design and installation services.  Imagine replacing that lawn with a rich, productive diverse food forest.  In spaces as small as 100 ft2 we can create thriving, dynamic edible ecosystems that provide food, fiber, fuel, fodder, fertilizer, ‘farmeceuticals’ and fun!  Imagine that rather than heading out to mow the lawn, you instead graze on peaches, plums, kiwis, raspberries, nectarines, apricots, walnuts, paw paws and more.  And then open your eyes remembering you’re in northern Vermont!  We can help transform your backyard into an evolving, low-maintenance edible forest.

Carbon Farming and Contract Subsoil Plow Services

We provide contract Yeomans Keyline Subsoil Plow services, helping to dramatically decompact and restore degraded pasture and agricultural soils.  This non-inversion tillage implement works to loosen and aerate soil without mixing, improving drainage and creating an optimal habitat for soil biology.  Our system enables us to drop soil building and/or field crops directly into the rips, and we’ve developed a liquid fertility injection system that allows us to pour soil enhancements like compost tea into the friable, decompacted subsoil.  And for maximum soil improvement, we work with intensive rotational grazing specialists, designing pasture systems that can rapidly build soil organic matter in turn, sequestering atmospheric CO2

Keyline Design and Water Harvesting

Pioneered in Australia by the late PA Yeomans, keyline water harvesting strategies provide an ingeniously simple means for developing on-site water security for any size landscape.  Water is paramount to the proliferation of life.  With passive earthworks design and installation, it’s possible to collect and store runoff in farm ponds and soil to help moderate moisture distribution, mitigate erosion, develop passive irrigation systems and rapidly build topsoil.  Read on for more...

Agroforestry and Coppice Forestry Systems

Any sustainable agricultural system integrates multiple crops and production systems, creating diversity in structure, products and yields.  we work to design agroforestry and coppice systems that integrate tree crops into pasture and food crop systems, helping moderate wind, providing shade and fodder for livestock, adding species and structural diversity and providing additional long-term yields of high quality pole and fuel wood.


We eagerly share our skills, experiences and insights with groups throughout our region and beyond.  We have organized workshops and presentations on permaculture and keyline design, natural building design and construction, coppice forestry, lawn to garden conversion, traditional woodworking and introductory wood science, simple home scale wastewater treatment in areas as diverse as Vermont, Hawaii, Colorado, France, Oregon, New York, Greece and California.  Interested in hosting a workshop or event?  Click here to find out more. 

What We Do

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