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We are proud to be part of an exciting movement of land use professionals, designers, authors, inventors, practitioners, visionaries and activists working to bring about positive change in our neighborhoods, communities and the world at large.  Please enjoy these links to other like-minded organizations and resources.

Permaculture and Keyline

Plants for a Future

An amazing database of over 7000 useful plants for multifunctional landscape design

Burlington Permaculture

Burlington, Vermont’s local permaculture action and education group

Northeast Permaculture Network

A regional website that serves to connect permaculture practitioners, teachers, researchers and enthusiasts throughout the northeast, featuring course and business listings, educational resources, a calendar of events, job opportunities, plant resources and other additional updates

Australia Felix Permaculture

Darren Doherty

Bendigo Australia

Permaculture and Keyline Design and Consulting, Education

Round River Design

Michael Blazewicz

Burlington, VT

River and Stream Restoration, Rain Gardens, Ponds, Wetlands, Edible Landscapes, Biofuels

AppleSeed Permaculture

Ethan Roland

Hudson Valley, NY

Permaculture design and consultation, education and regenerative agricutlural reserach

Sowing Solutions

Kay Cafasso

Ithaca, NY

Permaculture and natural building design, education and installation

Liberation Ecology

Rafter Sass

Burlington, VT

Exploring and creating the connections between sustainability and justice

Dave Jacke and Edible Forest Gardens

Greenfield, MA

Details on edible forest gardening, resources and upcoming events led by Dave Jacke

Whole Farm Services

Chris Chaisson


Food storage system design/build and education, agroforestry system design and nursery

Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute

Jerome Osentowski

Basalt, CO

Permaculture, Greenhouse and Forest Garden Workshops


EcoSystems Design Inc.

Jerome Osentowski, Michael Thompson, Mark Krawczyk

Permaculture, Keyline, Greenhouse and Sustainable Golf Course Design

Carbon Farmers of America

Abe Collins

Swanton, Vermont

Grass Farmers building soil and sequestering carbon

The Permaculture Activist

Bloomington, IN

Magazine, Bookstore

Permaculture Research Institute of Australia

Geoff and Nadia Lawton

Courses, Consultation

The Bullock’s Permaculture Homestead

Orcas, WA

Courses, Internships, Consultation

Natural Building

Seven Generations Natural Builders (SGNB)

Tim Rieth, Sasha Rabin, Andy Burt, Jacob Racusin, Mark Krawczyk, Danny Viescas

Natural Building Workshops, Design, Consultation and Contracting

Natural Design/Build

A Vermont based cooperative business that focuses on whole systems design services for natural structures and landscapes throughout the northeast.

Montpelier, VT

Cob in Cornwall

Adam Weissman, Katy Bryce

Cornwall, UK

Natural Building Contractors, Authors, Teachers

Kiko Denzer

Blodgett, OR

Author, Sculptor, Earth Oven Builder

Yestermorrow Design/Build School

Waitsfield, VT

Workshops, Internships

Traditional Craft

Country Workshops

Marshall, NC

Traditional Woodworking School, Tool and Book Sales

Phil White Woodcrafts

West Midlands, UK

Greenwood Chairs, Natural Building, Demonstrations

Ben Law

Coppice Woodsman, Craftsman, Timber Framer, Author, Teacher

West Sussex, UK

John Alexander

Baltimore, MD

Green Woodworking Books, Videos,

Useful Plans and Articles

Mike Abbott

Worcester, UK

Chair making and Green Woodworking Courses, Tools,

Books, Demonstrations

Don Weber

Paint Lick, KY

Welsh Stick Chairs, Blacksmithing, Workshops

Shelburne Art Center

Shelburne, VT

Craft Workshops and Courses

Howard Ruttan

Howard is a recreational woodworker who lives for wood.

He shares his ideas and insights on his website...

The Vermont Wood Products Essential Buyers Guide

Landscaping/Stone Masonry

Forrest White

Plant and Stone Landscaping

Williston, VT

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