Keyline Vermont offers contract subsoil plowing services, using a three shank Yeomans Keyline plow direct from Australia. 
For nearly 40 years, Yeomans Plow Co. has been designing and producing what are known by some to be the ‘Rolls Royce’ of subsoil plows.  Their machines have been used extensively throughout Australia to decompact and aerate degraded soils, improve soil moisture holding capability, and create a more hospitable environment for soil microbiology - the true soil builders.  Numerous subsoiling implements already exist - so what makes the Yeomans plow standout?

  1. BulletNarrow shank profile - Yeomans cast iron shanks are 3/4” thick which means less soil mixing and disturbance

  2. BulletLow cutting angle - the foot of the Yeomans shank rests at a 25° angle, again minimizing surface disturbance & mixing

  3. BulletSeed box attachments - Our Yeomans plow comes fitted with seed boxes directly over each shank so it’s simple to plant directly into the rips as you go, reducing weed pressure and providing an ideal soil environment for crops.

Click here to view a slideshow of the plow in action

Keyline Pattern Cultivation

Keyline Pattern Cultivation refers to the application of natural patterning to the layout of fields, paddocks, fencing and treelines. 
This strategy employs a slightly off-contour approach, which, when coupled with keyline subsoil plowing, can effectively more evenly distribute water across the landscape - draining valleys and humidifying ridges.  Contour layouts are recognized as providing a more natural, erosion-resistant land-use pattern, but generally result in uneven spacing of fencelines and field edges.  Once the ‘keyline’ in the landscape has been established, all subsequent layout follows parallel, thus providing a much more management-friendly system.  Keyline Vermont is happy to discuss the benefits and appropriateness of keyline patterning on your property.

Click here to download a copy of our ‘Keyline Vermont Design and Subsoil Plow Service’ brochure.

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Photo and layout courtesy of Darren Doherty -

Keyline Subsoil Plowing