Edible Landscapes

We design and install edible landscapes and forest gardens of any size - from urban backyards
to farm scale agroforestry systems.  Inspired by the structure and beneficial interconnections we find in natural forests, we design edible landscapes that mimic nature while producing copious yields of nuts, fruit, medicine, beauty, habitat, fuel, diversity and more. 

Peaches, nectarines, apples, black walnut, plums, chestnuts, hazelnuts, paw paw, kiwi, and cherry are just a few of the delicious edibles we incorporate into our dynamic edible ecosystems. But rather than simply plant these trees out in an orchard block, we assemble ‘guilds’ - mutually beneficial assemblies of plants - that stabilize the garden ecosystem, providing fertilizer, pest control, weed suppression and moisture retention.  These forest gardens consist of up to seven layers of vegetation.  This includes the canopy layer, low tree layer, shrub layer, herb layer, ground cover, rhizosphere (root layer) and vining/vertical layer.  Thus, forest
gardens are multi-storied, making maximum use of the available vertical space, and in turn, increasing diversity and overall yield, creating a vigorous, resilient garden ecology.

Because we focus on filling ecological niches (open space within the garden) with the plants we want, we can largely eliminate the act of ‘weeding’ and instead transform garden maintenance into harvest.  Additionally, we use sheet mulch soil building techniques to suppress unwanted plant (aka ‘weed’) growth, retain moisture, feed soil biology and in turn build rich, healthy topsoil.

We work with clients to design gardens that reflect their tastes and preferences as well as the ecological conditions of their site.  We also provide earthwork design and engineering to
passively collect and thus, maximize the use of available rainfall.  We have experience working with both wood and stone and are capable of creating beautiful and functional retaining walls, bed enclosures, patios, pergolas, greenhouses, cold frames and more to round out the hardscaping element of a design. 

To find out more about our services, click here to download a copy of our ‘Edible Landscaping and Forest Gardens Brochure’

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