Keyline Vermont was founded by permaculture and keyline educator and designer Mark Krawczyk and is headquartered in Vermont’s beautiful Champlain Valley.  We work with a talented team of designers, consultants, growers, builders and educators throughout the region and beyond in an effort to bring exceptional cutting-edge services to our clients.

Founded in 2007, Keyline Vermont is the regenerative land care arm of Mark Krawczyk’s dynamic livelihood.  As a student of permaculture design since 2000, Mark has explored tree crop and agroforestry systems, coppice forestry, natural building, traditional woodcrafts, community organizing and both small and broadacre site design.  Additionally, he works as a community educator/organizer with the non-profit he helped found, Burlington Permaculture, as the owner/operator of RivenWoodCrafts - a traditional woodcraft and natural construction business, as a natural building educator with Seven Generations Natural Builders and as a builder and site design consultant with EcoSystems Design Inc. and the Natural Design/Build Cooperative.

While our work is generally focused within the northeastern United States, we also intend to offer international design, consulting and educational services to development projects worldwide.  Our goal is simple - to share our skills, resources and experience with people worldwide, with the intention of better preparing us all for the challenges posed by the post petroleum future that lies ahead.

About Us

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